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What's your personality? [QUIZ]

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10-03-2017, 02:33 AM #1

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 Shybear Shybear
You got:
You always want attention, until you get it.
While in your head you always want to be the centre of attention, you tend to shy away from the spotlight when it finally shines on you.
You're at your happiest when when surrounded by people who you know love and support you, without them having to say it. Deep down you just want acknowledgement from your peers and feel that sometimes you don't get enough recognition for all that you bring to the table.

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10-03-2017, 02:40 AM #2

There's only a few people who you truly feel comfortable opening up to

10-07-2017, 03:09 AM #3

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Location   Finding my way home.

Same as you, op.

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10-08-2017, 01:05 PM #4

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You got: You're an independent thinker

You're confident in your ability to process information and come to your own logical conclusions. When those around you are happy to believe what they're told, you tend to be a lot more critical and want to develop your own opinions. This allows you to stand up for what you truly believe in and makes you a person others look to when someone needs to take a stand.

Oh, it seems quite relatable.  Heart eyes

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